Nichols Consulting provides State Mandated Cost consulting and claims preparation services statewide to Community College Districts, Cities, and Special Districts. With more than a decade of State Mandated Cost consulting experience, Andy Nichols founded his firm with the goal of providing the highest levels of service and experience to his clients at reasonable rates.

Eight years later, our statewide list of clients continues to grow as an increasing number of agencies see the value in working with Nichols Consulting.

Whether it is identifying reimbursable (SB 90) State Mandated Costs, providing background and information on State payment of claims or defending claims against a State Controller's Office audit, Nichols Consulting is there to help.

Please contact us to learn more about Nichols Consulting and to arrange a no-cost introductory review of your State Mandated Cost situation.


Nichols Analyzes 'Brown Act' Claims in CA Special District Magazine Article

Andy Nichols follows-up his November-December 2009 article on the Brown Act and other programs with a January-February 2011 article in California Special District. Nichols identifies the amount filed by type of District
and other frequently missed programs.

Download Article PDF

Nichols Explains 'Brown Act' in CA Special District Magazine Article

Andy Nichols brings his expertise to bear in a recent California Special District article. Learn how your Special District, City, School or College District may benefit from Senate Bill (SB) 90, and how Brown Act Reimbursement costs are calculated.

Download Article PDF


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